Mar y Sal

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A celebration of mediterranean natural beauty

In a sheltered bay surrounded by high cliffs on the southwest coast of Mallorca, Villa Mar y Sal has found its place as if it had always been there. Here, amid the original beauty and authenticity of Mallorca, Terraza Balear offers its own unique take on interior design that celebrates the breathtaking beauty of the Mediterranean with its search for peace and relaxation.

Light, natural tones and color nuances that evoke the natural surroundings give the entire home a peaceful atmosphere with the highest levels of comfort and discreet luxury.

A unique take on capturing moments of calm
Enveloping simplicity of design

The soul of the house takes center stage here, in the day zone, in an open and familiar way and has declared natural taste without frills to be its flagship. The generous spaces intertwined with each other combine every detail with a noticeable appreciation for sophisticated materials and textures.

The gentle flow between the zones respects the enveloping simplicity of the design. Brought indoors, an olive tree brings a living, breathing natural element into the space and makes a strong aesthetic impact.
In the master bedroom, elegant and pure, the spatial amplitude of the spaces opens up in its splendor.

A declaration of natural taste

This villa is enriched by stunning outdoor living spaces between the terraces, patios and exterior. In the dining area, a round teak table echoes the rustic aesthetic and lightness of an easy morning in the open air.

The lounge area allows gathering together while enjoying the open flow to the patio and straight through to the interior living. Whether outdoor or indoor, Mar y Sal simultaneously creates a sense of intimacy and unity with nature, strengthening the bonds and creating unforgettable memories.


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