The Turks & Caicos islands are the ultimate destination of the world´s clearest ocean and thriving marine life in the Bahamas chain. An invitation to immerse in the rhythms and respectful way of living of turquoise paradise, a 6-bedroom beachfront villa Bash enjoys a privileged location in the enclave of Emerald Point at the eastern end of Grace Bay beach.

This project is a tailor-made reflection of the client´s lifestyle with meticulous attention to every detail, with goals achieved not only by impeccable contemporary design but also by innovative and sustainable technology in every aspect of the house, including 100% solar power.

In rhythms of the turquoise paradise
Getting along with Bahamian spirit

The pure Bahamian spirit shares the love for the island, warmth, hospitality and optimism. It has found its contemporary reflection in full of natural light interiors of the villa Bash, with the preference given to powerful white color. Throughout different surfaces and textures, the achromatic color acts as a canvas to build upon and draws attention to the prominent turquoise of the Caribbean Sea and a miles-long stretch of sugar-soft sand – the undisputed protagonists let in every corner of the villa.

Natural light wood introduced in furniture, kitchens and joinery adds visual texture and bright spaces even further, bringing in warmth and authenticity. From space to space, the villa aims to create an exceptional visual experience with an atmosphere of luxury and quality.

Spaciousness and wholeness
When distance is no barrier

In the social outdoor area, the infinity pool becomes the epicentre of fun and entertainment, surrounded by sun loungers and high-quality outdoor furniture to relax and enjoy the sun. Particular attention is paid to the materials brought from Europe: the floor of the terrace is paved with Portuguese cobblestone, which adds a touch of charm. All materials for the swimming pool, from construction to equipment, have also come a long way to the island to provide an unparalleled appeal.

Villa Bash is a perfect example of the fact that a hard-to-reach location is not an obstacle to the design and construction of a villa of high comfort, aesthetics and quality of life while protecting and preserving the natural environment.


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