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A home where time stands still

The honest authenticity of the timeless environment inspires the design of an intimate home, in which craftsmanship plays a fundamental role. Natural and authentic settings, rooted in the history and quiet evolution of the small harbor that hosts it,

talk about another way of living and understanding the island.

Inside and outside the house, there is a unique rhythm that feels more leisurely and relaxed, as if time has stopped.

Dialogue and respect for origins
Serenity and warmth in interior design

The design of interior spaces conveys serenity through carefully curated proposals that create an intimate sanctuary atmosphere to enjoy and share with the family.
Mirrors add depth and reflect the continuity of interiors dressed in

delicate authentic textures applied to elements such as stone walls, luminaries inspired by the mesh of fishing nets or fabrics that envelop the living room, providing warmth to a home that quietly catches the last rays of sunlight as darkness falls.

Spaces to share with the family
Intimate exteriors to savour the silence

Designed as an extension of the interior architecture and design proposals, the exteriors invite you to immerse yourself in a profoundly personal space created with meraki philosophy in mind: putting heart, love and appreciation into everything from the biggest to the smallest detail.

Breathe embodies respect for nature and the roots of the small port that shelters it, where the charming authenticity of the place seems to stand still in time and where life flows at a calm and peaceful pace.

Balance and well-being in the open air

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