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Elements is a 31-unit upscale residential complex by Domus Vivendi Group in Puerto Portals, one of the most exclusive marinas of Mallorca. The name “Elements” comes from the concept of the four fundamental elements: earth, fire, water and air, applied to the architecture of this project to rediscover the relationship between people and nature through multi-sensory experiences in the residential envirnoment.

Terraza Balear takes the concept further in an interior design strategy focused on the search for a sense of comfort, well-being and relaxation. The idea of reconnecting with nature inspires us to incorporate elements that enhance a sensory experience.

Elements I
Evokening lightness and a sense of suspension

Taking a deep breath in a cool breeze and feeling the air slowly entering your lungs, is a unique sensation. When it comes to interiors, the air element is the most vital among all the others. However, from a sensory point of view, good airflow can also evoke the idea of lightness and a sense of suspension, blurring the boundaries between inside and outside, as well as serving as a symbol of renewal.

To support the concept of unity and seamless flow, the earth elements are introduced in the form of elegant neutral color scheme inspired by the essence of the island. The color scheme brings together materials and textures running along clear lines and balanced forms of furniture and decorative elements both indoor and outdoor. A refined luminary, a modern representation of the fire, in turn brings the sense of warmth and togetherness that this element provides.

Elements II
Home as a place of refuge, shelter, and protection

When we think of the earth element in architecture and interior design, the first images that come to mind are green gardens – indoors or outdoors. But while they are a good example, we also see earth as a material with its own colors and textures. The soft pale grey color of rocky Mallorca inspired the delicate narrative of Elements II. Shaded of grey runs throughout the furniture, objects and surfaces, enriched with textures that bring interest and depth to the interiors.

Taking this concept further, natural stone and authentic rustic wood bring a sense of honesty to the materials, expressing age, history, and bearing imprints and marks, providing building materials with the enriching effects of time.What is more, they bring texture and warmth, contributing to the feeling of safe refuge.

Elements III
Interior design as a fundamental instrument to improve well-being

This apartment opens a journey to the origins through the elements of air and water. The light, airy interiors are filled with light and refreshing sea breeze throughout the home. In this space, everything flows so that you breathe lightness, calmness, disconnection and relaxation. When choosing furniture, preference was given to visually light elements that do not overload the space but maintain a feeling of lightness.

Speaking of the water element, there is nothing better than the Mediterranean Sea with its vibrant blue color to open up the full power of this element. Its deep color and serene flow invite our eyes into soothing contemplation. The design scheme of the space is built around the stunning sea views of Puerto Portals, placing them at the focal point and echoing their blueness in various interior elements.


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