Goret Vell

A Tribute to Authenticity and Harmony

In the Goret Vell project, we discover an almanac where the essence of Mallorca comes to life. Between the cobbled streets and the charm of the bell tower that crowns the picturesque village of Santanyí, we have managed to weave a dream of natural elegance.

Here, the harmony of nature merges with design, creating a unique experience. On this idyllic canvas, Goret Vell stands as a testament to the balance, authenticity and beauty of nature. The project goes beyond the walls, connecting every corner with the emotion and honesty of Mediterranean living.

Fostering a profound bond with nature
Celebrating understated uniqueness

In this open-plan, spacious day area, the high ceiling amplifies the sense of airiness and light, accentuated by an exposed beam structure. Natural light dances through the space, illuminating the rough-hewn Santonyi stone, aged wood and raw fabrics, and creating a tranquil atmosphere that celebrates the beauty of understated uniqueness.

The kitchen exudes strength with an island crafted from a distinctive and enduring stone block, embodying timelessness. The same no-doors principle is found in the night area of the house, with a seamless flow between the master bedroom, bathroom and dressing room.

Sense of airiness and light
Inviting contemplation and connectedness

The open-air areas seamlessly extend the house, bringing nature into the center stage. The garden unfolds in its deliberate simplicity, where carefully arranged stones, pathways and pruned greenery create a meditative and harmonious space. The generously sized swimming pool emerges as the focal point. It is complemented by a pool house and a porch that hosts a barbecue and outdoor dining area.

Here, each piece of furniture is carefully selected to convey a sense of harmony, inviting contemplation and connection with nature. Tranquility reigns in Goret Vell, while only the gentle singing of birds disrupts the stillness. It stands as an ideal refuge that harmoniously blends the serenity of nature with the comfort of thoughtfully integrated design, offering a life in balance.

Well-being and serenity to share

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