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Pausing on the shores of the Mediterranean

The sincere Mediterranean nature of MAR I CEL, while artisanal and refined, is infused with salt and the fresh breeze of Cala Figuera. MAR I CEL, one of the nine houses recently built by Mallorca Heritage in the area, breathes that peaceful ritual of simple living, driven by the tides and the sun. Its open, light and generous spaces form a unique indoor and outdoor continuum that invites contemplation and calm.

The warm embrace is felt already at the entrance, thanks to the choice of natural materials such as wood and Niza cream-colored marble. Their charming texture is a prelude to an interior design that strokes and awakens the sense of touch.

An interior design for happiness

In the living room, we are presented with a magnificent view. The neutral tones of furniture emphasize the distinguished feeling of spaciousness while bringing the bright green of the outdoor vegetation and the shimmering blue sky to the fore. The dining room and kitchen are elegant and discreet.

The beautifully shaped and volumes create a fluid transition and generate a lively, circular energy that encourages conversation and shared moments of happiness. The master bedroom is a harmonious oasis with endless views: the private terrace is connected to a spectacular rooftop with panoramic views through the large windows.

Soothing the senses

From this great shelter above Cala Figuera, it seems that a green carpet of leaves, decorated with furniture from Tribù, is floating under the clouds. Now we are sitting there, the sun kisses our skin and our hands play with the seat rope. The pleasant textured surface reminds us of the ropes of those fishermen in the harbour.

And suddenly, we realize: this is the peace we have longed for so long. This house is where we want to be, the magical corner of the world from which we begin to write a story of delight for the rest of our lives.


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