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Tradition and contemporaneity

Restrained yet finely detailed and expertly crafted, Sa Buguenvil∙lea is an 850 sqm house located in the heart of ancient village Santanyi. Developed in collaboration with Mallorca Heritage and architect Nacho Pons from 3de3arquitectes, the villa represents a fine balance between the tradition of Mallorca and contemporaneity.

The Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi, focusing on the beauty of irregularity, authenticity, slow life, and a return to roots, has inspired the concept of this integral project. Terraza Balear’s reinterpretation of a traditional house shows not only great respect for the craftsmanship of past generations but also a fair amount of spatial imagination suited to contemporary needs.

Warm and welcoming layers of light
of connectivity
and rituals

Plenty of light flooding into the villa interiors plays a special role for any occasion: welcoming all to dive into a warm, pleasant ambiance for friends and family gatherings or enjoying quiet moments in the indirect light of the fireplace.

The dining room and kitchen are not only storytellers of rituals in the food world but also meeting places with great functionality to rediscover the pleasure of being together. All items reflect a unique lifestyle and a design concept based on intuition, experimentation, and attention to detail.

slow life,
reconnection with nature
and joy in the
shade of olives

In Sa Buguenvil∙lea, Terraza Balear continues to relentlessly reinvent the codes of outdoor living to meet an instinct need to reconnect with nature, breathe fresh air and slow down.
A large garden, a real gem of the villa, hosts a few outdoor zones: two dining and living areas, a wine cellar, a pool zone and a spa.

The outdoor dining areas are suited for both comfortable and casual meals as well as special occasions. A thoughtful choice of furniture sets the right tone: a rustic feel is balanced by simple, elegant and comfortable seating systems of enveloping shapes.


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