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A demonstration of beauty and peacefulness

In Camp de Mar, Villa Anguli is the ultimate showcase for the beauty and tranquility that the Mediterranean lifestyle has to offer. The Villa combines Made in Italy contemporary sophistication with Mediterranean lifestyle- the signature elegance of the Terraza Balear style.

Terraza Balear contributed to the interior architecture, developed and realized the interior design concept of this 1033 sq. m villa focusing on creating a luxurious atmosphere using elegant tones and exquisite textures that highlight the beauty of the environment inside and out.

A solid and coherent interior design narrative
A unique interior layout to enhance the views

The interiors of Villa Anguli are sophisticated, modern and harmonious at the same time. The goal of the open concept day area was to create a unique interior layout, making the most of the expansive views of the beautiful blue sea and lush green landscape. Elegant furniture in cream-based neutrals creates the perfect backdrop for burnt orange and steel blue accents.

In the master bedroom, the purity of the environment lies within its walls. Breathtaking views are enhanced by timeless and minimalist furniture, allowing homeowners to enjoy the serenity of nature.

Enjoying the serenity of nature

The villa’s outdoor space maintains a combination of nature and luxury. On the upper level, glass paneling allows for uninterrupted views of the Mediterranean Sea, where the homeowners and guests can lounge on the sofas and enjoy a cocktail before dinner.

The infinity pool adds to the feeling of opulence on the lower level. More sleek furniture near bu poolside provides the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the views after a refreshing dip. Terraza Balear was fortunate to translate the architect´s vision for this villa into a solid and coherent interior design narrative.


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