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When we go deep into a forest, we feel the connection with nature in its purest form. The senses multiply, and we are immersed in a universe of sensations that invites us to find the balance between perfection and sublimity.

Bonanova, a house overlooking a forest crowned by Bellver Castle, was born in search of timeless beauty.

The villa discreetly presents itself, in harmony with the essence of nature, without overloading the landscape- a proper tribute to the land that surrounds it in the form of a family home.

Welcoming interiors, pleasant materials, authentic textures and pure lines perfectly combine design and sensibility. Bonanova is indeed an ideal retreat to create family experiences centered on living in nature

An active dialog with the surroundings
Relaxed tones that pay homage to the surroundings

The panoramic view of the forest makes an inspiring impression on the interiors of the house, creating a connection in all rooms. The living room, designed as the focal point, has two sofas facing each other in front of the fireplace- the perfect setting to strengthen family communication.

Wood, rattan, handblown glass and natural fabrics dress the entire house, maintaining an active dialog with the surrounding nature. Calming and harmonious, interiors decorated predominately in soft neutral tones are sensuous and eminently relaxing. The kitchen and dining zones perfectly combine the practical aspects with the energy of the place, creating an atmosphere where people enjoy gathering.

The outdoor spaces breathe everything that can be embodied in the word calm. The green mantle of the Mediterranean pines with a touch of purple of bougainvillea creates the perfect backdrop for an open-air evening.

Tables and armchairs of elegant and ergonomic design, set on a porch equipped with a barbecue and built-in sofas. Bonanova is the perfect place to enjoy family moments in settings that draw nature into the home.


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