La Trapa

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The sound of the forest

As the winding road meanders down through dense pine forests, it becomes more and more narrow. The forest closes in, leaving us wondering, will we find anything here?
Yet here, lost at the westernmost tip of Mallorca, stands La Trapa. Pockets of ancient woodland survive in this area,

maintaining an enduring essence of forested land: one can sense the soil beneath the pavement, the pulse of vegetation, the scent of old growth. Designed by architect Joan Miquel Seguí, La Trapa emerges as a quiet symbol of reverence, appreciation and affection for the pristine wilderness—a singular and irreplicable tribute to the magnificence of nature.

A quiet symbol of affection for the pristine nature
Designed and curated to foster feelings

Sensuous, rigorous and essential, the villa has a unique triangle shape, integrating organically into the plot. The project primarily unfolds on the ground floor, with the longest side of the triangular layout dedicated to primary day and night areas, seamlessly extending towards the verdant surroundings to immerse in nature.
The internal layout combines the social qualities of an open plan with the privacy of enclosed areas.

A contemporary living space characterised by light neutral tones and elegant simplicity has been designed and curated to foster feelings, rather than to make a loud statement. A sleek kitchen and dining room flooded with natural light provide the ideal canvas to overlay daily rituals, offering a serene and adaptable backdrop. The night zone seamlessly melds the woodland and human realms, evoking an idyllic, even mystical ambiance. Here lies the true loving heart of the house – a spacious and luminous nursery room – a small house of a new life, a new generation.

Evoking an idyllic, even mystical ambiance
Bringing in a sense of poetry

Outside, collective movements of plants in the wind, create a delicate contrast to the overwise static views, bringing in a sense of poetry. Life gracefully transitions into the open-air spaces, embracing the natural surroundings at a leisurely pace. Outdoor furniture provides both comfort and style, enhancing al fresco living experiences with its functional and aesthetic appeal.

La Trapa with its distinctive nooks and crannies, peripheral vistas and layered spaces affirms a connection with the more-than-human realm, at the same time providing refuge for mythical sprites of the forest remnants. It becomes meaningful as it intertwines with its surroundings, embodying a heritage of history, both lost among the trees and yet to be written.


Every project holds a captivating untold story behind its creation—the tale of its inspirations, expectations and whys.

In this series of interviews, we invite you to delve deeper into the narrative of one of our latest projects La Trapa.

Tom de Cock, managing partner at Tribù, underscores the significance of shared values, resonating both as a brand and as a homeowner of La Trapa.

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